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Address: No.13-11,Xiu'an Road,Nanning,Guangxi,China(Mainland)
Company Profile

Nanning DEGANGLIAN Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the northern suburb of Xiuan Road, Nanning, Guangxi, China, more than 100 employees, senior engineers with 30 years of design, manufacture of mining machinery, building materials, machinery, transportation equipment, electrical equipmentexperience in large-scale equipment, chemical machinery, metal structural parts. The company has strong technical force, to provide users with equipment modeling, design, production, support, installation, commissioning one-stop service. Our company has passed the National Quality Certification Center ISO9001 quality system certification. The company has the qualification of self import and export of products. The company has new foreign trade business, produce or marketing of various engineering machinery. The company has and is currently involved in a number of large engineering and construction company is now developing new business, steel building, engineering, construction and gravel system. Sincerely welcome foreign businessmen to discuss the order, technical cooperation, consignment associate business.